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the project that dominates the github list is teaching programmers how to prolong life

Recently on GitHub, the world’s largest programmer dating site, a very weird-sounding project was submitted afterIn just 4 days, it slaughtered GitHub, reached the top five on the hot list, and gained 4.3k+ stars.This project is called “Programmer’s Guide to Life Extension”… Yes, after the outrageous “Programmer’s Cooking Guide” last time, there is another live project on GitHub, which successfully reached the top five on the hot list.It seems that recent programmers have been paying more and more attention to life.

In fact, this “Programmer’s Life Extension Guide” is a whole life project, and it is still a bit wronged. In Shichao’s opinion, it should be called“Programmerhealth careGuideMore aptly.

It uses language logic that every programmer can understand, how to live a healthier life, and gives you a very comprehensive popular science.This guide is a “healthy book” for everyone.

The Programmer’s Guide to Longevity References a Lot of Medical Literature, use very objective and rigorous quantitative data to tell us how to reduce mortality and increase life expectancy~

As the so-called life lies in exercise, if you want to live a long life, the first thing you must control is your own diet and exercise.

The “Programmer’s Guide to Life Extension” begins by quantifying the daily needs of food, sleep, etc., and using accurate data to quantify, and tell you how many years of life can be increased by maintaining these excellent living habits.

unit below

ACM : All-Cause Mortality / All-Cause Mortality ▼

It is estimated that the poor friends will immediately object to this simple health guide when they first see this:

Why do you say that I can live 11-12 years longer if I don’t smoke? These data are not written by the author with his eyes closed.

Poor friend who would ask that,Seriously underestimated the rigor of programmers~

Don’t underestimate this short health guide, “Programmer’s Guide to Life Extension” is an objective conclusion drawn from a large number of medical data.

Take smoking as an example. The fact that smoking can prolong life is the conclusion drawn by Mays Medicine after a long-term observation of 42,416 men and 86,735 women.

Every recommendation in The Programmer’s Guide to Life Extension,There is an academic research behind it, you can find the corresponding academic report behind each suggestion in this project.

Let me give you another example:

Fat house happy water should be a must-have drink for every programmer, but according to a paper published in “Science” on the health hazards of cola:

Drinking one sugar-sweetened beverage a day was associated with a 7% increase in all-cause mortality; two drinks a day directly tripled the mortality rate to a staggering 21%.

And according to another paper published in the top international journal “BMJ”, sugar-sweetened beverages can increase the risk of cancer!

And not only sugary drinks, even if you drink milk tea, the risk of related cancer will increase by 18%, so Shichao highly recommends everyone to control sugar intake in daily life.

The “Programmer’s Guide to Life Extension” also cracked many rumors circulating in the circle of friends:

Like drinking 100% purejuicewould be healthier.

Unexpectedly, the so-called 100% pure juice may have been described by juice manufacturers to consumers from the very beginning.Consumerism Trap“That’s all.

In addition to these things to pay attention to in terms of diet, more sun exposure can also help you live longer.

According to a Danish study, even if you are exposed to excessive sun exposure to skin cancer patients,The average life expectancy is also 6 years longer than the average person.

This conclusion is expected to refresh many people’s worldview of “sunscreen lovers”…

In terms of exercise, the “Programmer’s Guide to Life Extension” argument compares the effects of various exercises on life extension, and finds two of the most trouble-free and efficient life extension exercises:Swing and walk.

These two sports pay more attention to whole-body exercise, and are relatively less “tiring”, and have been praised as the most cost-effective sports by the authoritative medical journal “The Lancet”.

After reading this guide, you will definitely benefit a lot. These knowledges that usually require a lot of medical information,Programmer’s Guide to Life Extension tells everyone in the most “direct” way.

And some “cold knowledge” can correct many people’s bad habits, such as not brushing their teeth.

People who don’t brush their teeth regularly: 9%, 12%, and 25% increased risk of cancer, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and liver cirrhosis, respectively, and a 25% increased risk of premature death!

Unexpectedly, such a small habit of brushing your teeth can actually affect your life…

There is also the habit of going to bed late on weekdays, and then frantically making up on weekends.

According to a Canadian study, going to bed early or going to bed too late can actually affect your health, and early going to bed increases all-cause mortality more than late going to bed.

Therefore, it is best to ensure that you sleep 7 to 10 hours a day.

However, there are still many limitations in this study, and the data is not objective enough. It is recommended that you monitor your sleep according to your actual situation.

So don’t look at this “Programmer’s Guide to Life Extension”, which only gives a few short suggestions. The evidence behind these suggestions accounts for 90% of the content of this project.

These well-founded suggestions are definitely much more reliable than the so-called expert advice you see on the Internet and the popular science of health knowledge brushed by your circle of friends!

The words cooking and maintaining health have frequently appeared on GitHub’s hot list recently. It seems that programmers are already ““Live Healthy” has also been rolled up in this matter.This is also a good change~

Interested friends, you can directly read the original text of the project “Programmer’s Life Extension Guide”.

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